HON 4070 Series Pagoda Stacking Arm Chair, Mariner

This durable, easy-care stack chair with fully upholstered outer back with inverted U frame construction for exceptional rigidity.

Ideal for multipurpose rooms or reception areas. Stacks up to 5 high. 2 chairs per carton. Fabric features Nano-Tex, which enhances textile performance by providing superior stain-resistant technology without compromising the look and feel of the fabric. Black tubular steel frame

Chair Type: Folding and Stacking. Color: Blue. Material: Fabric. Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Overall Dimensions: 27 1/4inch W x 22 1/2inch D x 33inch H.

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  1. Matahari knows Says:

    Have you ever been in a doctor’s office or lobby and seated yourself, only to say (to yourself), “Wow, this is a comfortable chair!”?? Chances are, you were sitting in a Hon Pagoda Chair.

    I bought my first Hon Pagoda chair (at a major office supply retailer)about eight years ago, to be used at my desk at home, and my back has been thanking me ever since!
    The Pagoda is an office chameleon, blending smartly just about anywhere – with comfort that’s NEVER in question.

    Although this chair is not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye (fashion wise) as say, a full leather executive staff chair, don’t let the ‘vanilla’ style fool you. This chair is definitely an inviting place to sit whenever you see them.

    While these chairs are generally considered ‘stacking’ chairs and usually recommended for the waiting rooms at Dr.’s offices or in clinics, lounges and lobbies, the fact is, these chairs are W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L for anyone who has back problems, due to the fact that the cushioned and molded seat pan consistently remains firm in the lower lumbar area, unlike the leather executive staff and office chairs, which over time, can end up with a ‘hammocking’ or ‘bucket’ effect in the lower lumbar and sacroiliac area, thus creating a very uncomfortable seating environment for the back. (It is well known that good lumbar support is important to prevent lumbar ‘fatigue’.) You will not encounter this with a Pagoda chair.

    The chairs have fully upholstered seat and backrest, thickly padded cushions for comfort, gently sloping polymar armrests, molded seat pans and a metal tubular frame. (The fabric also features stain-resistant protection.)

    The next time you think about getting a chair for your residential or office desk, consider the HON PAGODA – you won’t regret it!! They are a little bit pricey, but remember this: “BUY THE BEST AND CRY ONLY ONCE.”


    Carton Content – 2 chairs
    Shipping Weight – 56 pounds
    Color – MARINER

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